2018-2019 Season

Mid-Cities Basketball Association

P.O. Box 324, Bedford, TX 76095-0324

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What Is the Cost?

What are scholarship requirements?

What Does the Fee Include?

What Else Will It Cost?

Is MCBBA Competitive?

How Are Coaches Selected? Are They Screened?

How Are Teams Formed?

What If I’m Unhappy With the Team I’m Drawn To or Placed On?

Where and When Do We Practice?

Where and When Do We Play Games?

What Conduct Is Expected?

How Much Playing Time?

What is a Buddy Draw Request?

What Size Basketball? How High the Goal?

Does MCBBA Have Another Season?

Where and When Can I Sign Up?

How Can Parents and Others Help Out?

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Mid-Cities Basketball Association, Inc. (MCBBA) is a non-profit [IRS Section 501(c)(3)] tax-exempt organization of community volunteers. Charitable contributions are tax deductible. We provide a basketball program for first through eighth grade boys and girls in the Hurst-Euless-Bedford area of Texas, the “Mid-Cities.” We compiled this information from our rules, policies and traditions to help players, parents, coaches and officials of MCBBA better understand how the Association functions. We hope you find it helpful.

What is the cost?

The registration fee per player:
$80 for 1st and 2nd grade leagues
$110 for 3rd through 8th grade leagues.
Rookie leagues (1st and 2nd grades) don't have tournament games and only use one referee; whereas older leagues have a post-season tournament and use two referees, explains the cost differences.

We will refund a player’s registration fee, less $10 for handling, up until the close of registration on November 12th.
Please note that after November 12th, no refunds are possible.

IF on-line LATE registration becomes available, an additional $20 per child is required. (see note following “Where and When Can I Sign Up?”).

What are scholarship requirements?

Scholarships are NO longer available for 2018-19 season.

What do the fees include?  

The fee covers numerous expenses. These include a reversible uniform jersey, an 8x10 team photo, gym rental, referees, insurance, equipment needed to conduct games (first aid kits, basketballs, special “drop-down” goals for younger children, custom scoresheets), awards, a commemorative t-shirt for every player, coach certifications, administration, and supplies.

What Else Will It Cost?

Each player should have gym shoes, shorts, a basketball (for practices) and a water bottle (for games). We urge coaches to not require purchase of “matching accessories,” such as shorts, warm-ups and fancy uniform lettering.
Most teams pass around the job of bringing post-game refreshments (drink, snack) to each player’s family.

Is MCBBA Competitive?

Yes — Basketball is a competitive sport by definition … but please take a look at the “objective” of MCBBA, Article 2.0 of our Bylaws:

“MID-CITIES BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION seeks to implant in the youth of these communities ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and reverence, so they may be finer, stronger, and happier youth who will grow to be good, clean, healthy adults. This objective shall be reached by providing supervised, competitive, athletic games. The supervisors shall bear in mind at all times that the winning of games is secondary. Of prime importance is the molding of future citizens.”

We want children to have fun. We have “instructional/developmental” leagues where the players can learn, and improve, their game. We want children to try their best, all the time – to compete to the best of their ability. We have league and tournament championships. Due to the way the 1st and 2nd grade leagues are formed (neighborhoods, “buddies”), there is no “special recognition” for placement; all players receive identical recognition. In the Junior and Major Leagues (3rd through 6th grades) we present awards to the players on the teams with the best records in tournament play. No trophies are awarded in the 7th and 8th grades. All players receive a t-shirt at a post-tournament ceremony.

How Are Coaches Selected? Are They Screened?

All of our coaches are unpaid volunteers. Most are parents of players. We have many coaches with us because it’s a lot of fun for them, including men and women that once played in MCBBA and are now returning the favor. Sometimes, after a team is formed, we have to cajole parents into accepting the job. Most head coaches desire one or two assistants, and that’s a great opportunity for interested parents or teens to help out.

Every coach (head and assistant), each officer, director and commissioner submits an application and we conduct an annual criminal background check. We have a Screening Committee that passes on the qualifications of all of our coaches. Every coach attends a 3-4 hour training session and is “certified” in basketball (the fee is paid by MCBBA) with the National Youth Sports Coaches Association.

Only players and approved coaches (no more than two coaches) may occupy the bench during games.

Prospective coaches should review our Background Check Policy.

How Are Teams Formed?

Rookie Leagues (First and Second grades):

Rookie league teams are formed based upon "neighborhood". As much as possible, teams are formed with players from the same school being on same team together. There’s a good chance you’ll be placed on the same team as your friends. Players must be enrolled in first grade or higher (no kindergarten). For this season, a player must be 6 years old by 9/1/2018 to play in MCBBA. We form separate boys’ and girls’ leagues.

Draw Leagues:

What If I’m Unhappy with the Team I’m Drawn To or Placed On?

Sadly, that happens from time to time. We encourage players, parents and coaches to work out whatever it is that creates the “unhappiness.” Many times, that’s all it takes: Talk it over and compromise. If a coach is able to accommodate a change of location or days of practice, we will certainly make that happen. Please note: Our rules do not allow players to be “traded”.

If practice location or practice days are required to insure happiness, a parent or family friend of the player should step-up and be the head coach. As the head coach, he/she will choose the practice days, location, and protect (reserve) up to two players for his/her team. Note: Please do this as soon as possible and BEFORE the close of registration on November 12th.

At registration, there is a process to designate up to two teams/coaches that a player wishes to “block” (see our Block Team form). Upon review by an MCBBA committee, such requests are usually honored. Our rules require MCBBA to review coaches with three or more returning players that request being returned to the blind draw.

Where and When Do We Practice?

Practices are held at one of the HEB ISD elementary schools. Team's head coach chooses two practice nights a week: typically 6:30-7:45pm (1st through 4th grades)
or 7:45-9:00pm (5th through 8th grades). Usually, a team shares a gym with another team (half court for each). If a coach selects a Wednesday practice day, typically teams have the full court to themselves.

Teams are prohibited from practicing during HEB ISD's winter break. We do not practice on Weekends.

When possible/practical, practice days, times and sites are assigned based on coach preference, first come, first served. Assignments are confirmed and “contracts” between the school principal and the coach are distributed at the team formation meetings.

Practices begin on or after December 6, 2018 which will allow teams to have 4 practices before start of winter break. If the schools are closed during the week (e.g. MLK Holiday, January 21, 2019), or a gym is closed for a school event, your coach may try to reschedule practice to another night or location. We do not practice the week of our post-season tournament.

When and Where Do We Play Games?

The first game is Saturday, January 12, 2019. At the start of season (first six games), the games are scheduled to start around 12:30 PM and last games may conclude generally around 7:00 PM. Later in the season (last two Saturday games), we start games around 9:30 AM with last games concluding mid-afternoon. Also school's activities and events have first priority so we adjust our schedule to accommodate. Often this results in games starting LATE afternoon and sometimes not concluding until as late as 9:30 PM.

All games are played at one of four HEB ISD junior high schools.

Due to HEB ISD school calender in 2019, teams will play a Sunday game on EITHER January 28th or February 3rd in which case we start Sunday games around 1:00 PM with last games concluding generally around 6:30 PM (or before Superbowl kickoff if on February 3rd).

The Rookie Leagues (1st/2nd grades) play their final games on February 23rd with end of season awards that afternoon.

All other leagues play in our post-season tournament. Games sites are the same however sometimes add another HEB ISD junior high or high school. We expect to start with tournament games on Sunday afternoon, February 24th, play throughout the entire week at night, and then conclude on Saturday, March 2nd with games all day long. Leagues play “double elimination” with each team surviving until they lose two games. However, there is no “what if” game should a previously undefeated team lose its first game in the final.

Each league has an awards ceremony following its championship game and every registered player is encouraged to attend.

Our tournament ends a week before HEB ISD’s Spring Break begins. Be aware that our tournament occasional may overlap the start of spring sports. Our hope is that players, if faced with a conflict, will participate in the MCBBA tournament to be considerate of teammates and opponents.

What Conduct Is Expected?

We expect children to behave themselves! We expect parents to supervise their children. We expect all fans to conduct themselves properly. Parental signature on the Player Registration Form confirms the parent’s intent to support acceptable behavior of players, player’s families and parents.

Your coach signs a contract with the HEB ISD agreeing there shall be no food, no drinks, no gum, no siblings (brothers and sisters) and no friends in the school’s gym during practice. Parents are welcome. Only registered players and coaches may be on the gym floor, before, during and after practice.

On game day, LEAVE YOUR BASKETBALLS AT HOME! For your safety and for the protec­tion of school property, no person may be in possession of a basketball inside a school we use on game day, at any time or in any place, except during authorized activity on the gym floor.

Harassment of officials by coaches, assistant coaches, players or parents is not tolerated. Game officials – referees and commissioners – are authorized to instruct unruly persons to leave the building, if necessary.

Just as you expect your coach to be on time for games and practices, your coach and teammates expect dependability from players.

How Much Playing Time?

For rookie leagues and draw leagues, our rule states “Every player will play at 12 minutes each game according to a substitution plan determined by the coach.” That’s half the game, every game, including post-season tournament games as long as the player attends practices and behaves properly. Coaches are encouraged to fairly distribute playing time to all their players. With 7 or 8 players on a team, each child should get a lot of playing time. Parents with questions or concerns about playing time should discuss concerns with the coach and if necessary with a commissioner.

What is a Buddy Draw Request?

New option starting this season!

A Buddy Draw request is ONLY for draw players whereby two players in the same league and both in the draw can be drawn together to the same team. Players may ONLY submit ONE Buddy Draw request for the season. Additional subsequent requests will be ignored. For request to be granted, both "buddies" must submit request for each other. Note: Buddy Draw request has no bearing on protected players. Once a player submits a Buddy Draw request, the player can no longer be protected by any coach.

A Buddy Draw request will only be accepted by filling out, signing, and submiting the Request for Buddy Draw form. Deadline for consideration is Monday, November 12th and is required reguardless if player's registration is done on-line or on-site.

Please note: Since Rookie Leagues (1st/2nd grade) don't have a draw, no buddy request form is required.

What Size Basketball? How High the Goal?

The basketball is the 28.5” ball for all leagues EXCEPT for BOYS 7th and 8th grades, which use slightly larger 29½” ball.

League Grades Goal
Free Throw
Rookie 1st and 2nd 8’-0” 13’-6”
Junior 3rd and 4th 8’-6” 13’-6”
Major 5th and 6th 10’-0” 15’-0”
Senior 7th and 8th 10’-0” 15’-0”

Does MCBBA Have Another Season?

No. Winter is our only season.

Where and When Can I Sign Up?

In-person registration

Three days of on-site registration for 2018-19 season has concluded.

LATE On-line registration

If a league has player spots AND all teams in the league has a head coach, we open late on-line registration on November 20th at 12:00 PM.

Late on-line registration is ONLY available in order to equalize team rosters (up to eight players per team).
Consequently, some leagues could have multiple openings.
Some leagues may have ZERO openings. Waiting until late registration could mean not playing.
Additionally, all players that late register are "draw" players with no guarantee on which team they will be assigned to.

There is an automatic $20 extra per player fee for on-line LATE registration.

IF a league has LATE registration, spots are given out on first paid basis. Once all spots are taken (paid), late registration for the league closes.

However if a league is missing one or more head coaches, late registration does not open until all head coaches are located.

For leagues that are missing a coach, one way to bypass late registration is bring a head coach volunteer for your child's team. If you do, we waive the late registration fee. The volunteer must first complete coaching application. Please contact us so we can prioritize the coach application and the subsequent special registration option for your child.

LATE On-line registration requires a major credit/debit card.CCards.png

No player may register after Wednesday, December 5th.

How Can Parents and Others Help Out? DryMop.png

Thanks for asking! First, if you’d like to help fund our scholarships, consider “adding an Extra” to the check you write for your child’s registration fee. We welcome sponsors. Every $30 donation funds a scholarship (your charitable contributions are tax deductible). Ask an MCBBA official for details.

At practice you can crank goals up/down or dry mop the gym floor. Volunteer to be the clock keeper or scorekeeper for your team. Offer to “drag” the gym floor (wet towels on a wide board) before your team’s game. Avoid “coaching from the stands” during games: Be a FAN, not a critic.

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