Mid-Cities Basketball Association

End of Season Awards

For season play, MCBBA awards a t-shirt to all players and coaches. When possible, the t-shirts for players are ordered in sizes similar to uniform jersey sizes and are lettered with an “MCBBA” logo and the year. T-shirts for adults are ordered in appropriate sizes.

In the Rookie Leagues (1st and 2nd grades), we don't have tournaments. Instead following final regular season game, MCBBA awards a medallion to all players.

For tournament play (there is no special recognition in the Senior Leagues):

In the Junior and Major Leagues (3rd through 6th grades): MCBBA awards a trophy to the players of the top two (2) teams in each tournament. Leagues of 9 or more teams are split into two or three tournaments (“gold”, “silver”, "bronze") based upon season record. Each tournament is awarded trophies. When possible, the trophies are of varying sizes to indicate position) and inscribed with “Mid-Cities Basketball Association,” the year, the name of the league, and the position.

For each league’s Coach of the Year, MCBBA awards one head coach (no matter the size of the league) a suitably inscribed award: “Mid-Cities Basketball Association,” “Coach of the Year,” year, league, name of the coach.

For each league’s Sportsmanship Award winner, each league selects one deserving player to receive a full scholarship for the following season (if he or she has eligibility remaining) based upon his/her sportsmanship to be determined by vote of the head coaches and the league commissioner. These are be in memory of Bill Rippy, long-time MCBBA President (for boys) and Louise Koontz, former Junior Girls’ Commissioner (for girls), both of whom passed away recently. Each is accompanied by a suitably framed certificate.

Achievement Award is given to 8th grade boys who play 8 years with MCBBA without interruption and 6th grade girls who play 6 years with MCBBA without interruption.

For Junior, Major, and Senior leagues, MCBBA awards are distributed at a league awards ceremony which immediately follows each league’s final tournament game.