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Mid-Cities Basketball Association

Code of Conduct

We expect children to behave themselves. We expect parents to supervise their children. We expect all fans to conduct themselves properly. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their assistant coaches, players and parents at games and practices. Your coach signs a contract with the H-E-B ISD that states there shall be no food, no drinks, no gum, no siblings (brothers and sisters) and no friends in the school’s gym during practice. Parents are welcome. The coaches do not supervise other children during practice. Coaches’ attention is directed toward the team’s players. If there are circumstances where other children must be with their parent, MCBBA and H-E-B ISD have agreed that adults watching practice will closely supervise those children. Only registered players and coaches may be on the gym floor, before, during and after practice. We leave the gyms clean.

On game day, LEAVE YOUR BASKETBALLS AT HOME. For your safety and for the protection of school property, no person may be in possession of a basketball inside a school we use on game day, at any time or in any place, except during authorized activity on the gym floor. [Reference: H-E-B ISD Board Policy “GKD (Local),” which governs license/usage of school facilities. This is a condition of rental.] In addition, unsupervised children shall not be left at the schools on game day. If asked, every child must be able to identify the adult responsible for his or her conduct. We ask parents to pick up after themselves, their children and their team after each game and to help police the gym after the last game of the day. We do not pay for extra custodial care of the gyms. The next event in the gyms is class the following school day. Harassment of officials by coaches, assistant coaches, players or parents is not tolerated. Extreme cases – assault – are a Class B misdemeanor in Texas. Game officials – referees and commissioners – are authorized to instruct unruly persons to leave the building, if necessary. At schools, automobiles are to be parked in designated parking areas; observe the fire lanes and stay off paved playgrounds. The few complaints we receive about our conduct at schools – from H-E-B ISD administrators, principals, PE teachers and coaches – are quickly investigated and resolved.

Our desire is to remain welcome users of school facilities. Just as you expect your coach to be on time for games and practices, your coach and teammates expect dependability from players. Perhaps the conduct that causes the most “problems” is players not arriving for practice or games when the coach expects them, or failing to notify the coach that the player will miss a practice or a game (or be late, or leave early) far enough in advance of the absence so that the coach may properly plan the practice or the game “rotation.”

If you’re late for a game, your coach must make a new “rotation plan” just before game time. You might get into the game, but your coach doesn’t have to let you play “half a game.” Our rules provide for reducing players’ participation in games, at your coach’s discretion and with your commissioner’s approval, for unexcused absences from practice and for improper behavior. Players and parents should understand team rules at an early practice.