Mid-Cities Basketball Association

Refund Policy for 2018-2019 Season

Our policy is clearly states on in-person and on-registration forms that MCBBA does not issue refunds after registration closes.
For 2018-19 season, registration for closes November 12, 2018. Consequently, any refund requests after November 12, 2018 for any reason CANNOT be honored.
However prior to close of registration, a parent may request a refund. In which case, MCBBA will refund a player’s registration fee less a $10 processing fee.

No later than November 12, 2018, please send an email to Dee Zuniga, Vice-President, Administration (click) to officially request a refund.
Be sure to include 1) your full name, 2) player's full name, 3) payment method, 4) your phone number, and 5) if you registered on-line or on-site.