Mid-Cities Basketball Association, Inc.

On-line Volunteer application instructions

To electronically submit application, goto Blue Sombrero Login

Once logged in, start from "MY ACCOUNT" screen.

  1. Click "VOLUNTEER" (on left side of screen).
    » Screen "My Volunter Roles" is displayed.
  2. Click "Find Volunteer Roles" (upper right corner).
    » Screen "Available Program Positions" is displayed.
  3. Next to "2018-19 Season ... Basketball", click "Select" and then click "View Available Positions".
    » Screen "Available Positions" is displayed.
  4. For coaches, next to "Coach (Head or Assistant) 18 yo and older", click "SIGN UP" and then click "Continue".
    » Screen "Who would you like to sign up for the following position(s)" is displayed.
  5. Click "Continue" (for yourself).
    » Screen "Position Information needed for ..." is displayed.
  6. Enter all information as needed and when complete BE SURE to click "Continue" on bottom of screen
    (check that you receive NO errors before closing screen).
    » Screen "My Volunteer Roles" is displayed with your name listed (if you successfully completed application).
       example complete Example screen when successful
  7. Send email to VP-Operations@mcbba.org that you've submitted new coach applicaiton.