The Coaches of MCBBA

How Are Coaches Selected?

Every coach and assistant that over sees the teams is an unpaid volunteer. Most are the parents or family members of players. Coaching is alot of fun! We actually have several that come back year after year because of the joy that it brings to them, including men and women that once played in MCBBA and are now returning the favor.

Most head coaches desire one or two assistants, and that’s a great opportunity for interested parents or teens to help out.

What are the responsibilities of each coach?

We are very appreciative of all of our coaches and volunteers! As head coach, he/she makes all of the major decisions for the team. These decisions include:

  1. The designation of all protected players
  2. Selecting the two days per week that their team will practice
  3. Choosing the location of practices
  4. Selecting the team name and jersey color

Do the coaches go through additional training or are they screened by the organization before coaching a team?

Yes! Every head coach, assistant coach, officer, director, and commissioner will submit an application and we conduct an annual criminal background check.

An MCBBA Screening Committee will meet and approve the qualifications of all coaches.

Every coach must complete a basketball certification with the National Alliance for Youth Sports (paid for by MCBBA). Additionally, coaches must attend supplemental session on conducting practices and game rules.

Are you interesting in coaching with MCBBA? We’d love to have you!

Click here to fill out the 2021/2022 Coaches Application!

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